Paint Correction and Protection

Due to harsh chemicals, your car is exposed to oxidation. Oxidation gradually reduces the shine of your car's paint and makes it dull. Your car no longer reflects light and looks drab and tedious. By paint correction and protection, the longevity of your car's paint is increased. It enhances the appearance of the car and improves its resale value. The accent pieces of your car are also highlighted when you get its paint correction service. It polishes and restores the luster your car once had, giving it a brand new look. You need paint protection and correction service every 10 to 14 months at least.

TR3 Performance provides the best paint correction and protection services in town. Our services include the removal of deep scratches, heavy swirls, engraved bird droppings, water spots, and holograming. We use high-quality paint for correction and exclusive films for protection. The surface of the car becomes shiny and mirror-like. We have expert technicians and cooperative workers that provide great customer service. We use materials like wax and sealant to protect the car from grime and dirt and to improve its gloss. For protection, we have a clear paint protection film that has thermoplastic urethane. It saves the car from minor abrasions and rock chips.