Aftermarket Performance Work

If you're not already familiar with after-market performance work, after-market parts are any parts of your vehicle that are not sourced from the original manufacturer of your vehicle. This means that here at TR3 Performance, we provide the service of changing any parts of your vehicle and replacing them with the parts of your choice. We aim to help you modify your vehicle into something breathtaking! What's better than replacing the old parts of your car with something completely new and way better? We perform all these modifications with the help of the right mechanical expertise to ensure that your vehicle is being groomed in safe hands.

Our main focus is on providing you with safe after-market parts and making sure that they don't damage your vehicle based on long-term use. A further step we take to ensure your vehicle's safety is to make sure the aftermarket parts we're using are replicas of the original parts that are being removed. We provide the service of after-market performance work at very suitable rates depending on your vehicle and the specific part of your vehicle that needs to be replaced. Visit us today and you'll see that TR3 Performance is the best service provider in town.