VPX-101-Forged Monoblock
ABOUT THE VFF-101 WHEEL: All of Vorsteiner forged wheels utilize T6-6061 aerospace & medical grade aluminum that is TUV rated for safety. We engineer lab test and FEA all of our wheels to maximize performance while minimizing weight specific to target...
from $4,196.00
ABOUT THE VFF-113 WHEEL: The 113 is our only directional wheel in our Flow Forged line. This design has an aggressive look where the spokes are angled to look as if the wheel is going in a certain direction. This...
from $2,880.00
ABOUT THE VFF-112 WHEEL: The 112 is a hybrid of a mesh and a 5 split spoke wheel design. This design is ideal for sharper lines and chiseled chins on specific vehicles rather than the softer and more elegant edges...
ABOUT THE VFF-111 WHEEL: The 111 is another 80’s inspired mesh wheel inspired by the motorsport scene in that era. The 111 combines both the Y and V-spoke design to create a unique mesh look that stands out from our...
ABOUT THE VFF-109 WHEEL: The 109 design features a ten straight spoke design with a sharp concavity. Unlike some of our other designs that are curved, the concavity on this wheel slopes from the lip to the bowl in a...
from $3,000.00
ABOUT THE VFF-108 WHEEL: The 108 is a particularly sharp and pointed design that bridges the gap between our curved designs. This rounded design is ideal for the sharper lines and chiseled chins on specific vehicles, rather than the softer...
from $2,400.00
ABOUT THE VFF-107 WHEEL: The V-FF 107 Wheel's mesh design is a modern take on the classic mesh often seen in 70’s and 80’s era motorsports scene. Our modern take is an alternating mesh that combines two five-split spoke designs...
from $3,120.00
V-FF 105
ABOUT THE VFF-105 WHEEL: The V-FF 105 Wheel was designed with sport and luxury vehicles as our primary targets. Inspired by aggressive exotic body lines, the V-FF 105’s 5-split spoke design is best suited for vehicles similar to these.
from $2,880.00
V-FF 103
ABOUT THE VFF-103 WHEEL: The curviest of the pack features a five split spoke design with rounded edges throughout. Its curved Y-spokes and rounded concavity allows for one of our deepest concave designs.
from $2,880.00
V-FF 101
ABOUT THE VFF-101 WHEEL: The V-FF 101 wheel is the original of the Vorsteiner Flow Forged Wheel series had been one of our most successful designs. Its timeless five Y-spoke layout is graceful yet sporty in its nature. This wheel...
from $2,880.00
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