Stance. Style. Power. Performance. TR3 specializes in custom aftermarket modifications for your street and track performance needs, including tuning, engine upgrades, exhaust and intake installs, and wheels and tires. Our in-house chassis dyno allows us to assess your engine’s capabilities and current settings before we get to work. We’ll help you maximize drivability and achieve your aesthetic and performance goals for your vehicle. We source the highest quality parts from the industry’s most reputable vendors, and never outsource our work.


    Our Paint Correction treatment gives you a better-than-factory paint job, for an end result that’s perfectly smooth, without any swivels, divots, or pits. Shield your car from UV rays, harsh chemicals, rust, and general wear-and-tear with Paint Protection, a clear vinyl material applied after paint correction. We also offer Ceramic Coating, the ultimate protective layer to prevent future swiveling, scratching and chipping. Or, completely change the look and personality of your vehicle with a car wrap in a custom color or finish.


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    3 products